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Learning more about what we do starts with learn more about what you do. At Advanced Solutions we customize todays technology to fit you objectives. We are a true outsource firm. get a CIO ,CTO project manager technician all with one call to US 916 780-4358


A consulting company that provides services where you need them

  • · Infrastructure Design and Setup
  • · System Design
  • · Server Setup
  • · Network Connectivity
  • · Information Security

Infrastructure design and setup to expand your business

  • · Internet, Intranet, and Extranet Strategies
  • · VoIP experts
  • · Information Design Flow

System design tailored to fit your business flow

  • · Executive Systems Design
  • · Decision Support Systems
  • · Groupware Systems
  • · E-mail Systems

Server setups that unleash your business potential

  • · Windows Server Platforms
  • · NEC phones systems
  • · Watchguard firewalls
  • · HP Servers

Network connectivity that keeps your business informed

  • · Network Design
  • · Local to Wide Area Network Setup
  • · Network troubleshooting both Cabled and Wireless
  • · VoIP setup and design

Information security to protect your business information

  • · VPN setup
  • · Virus Strategies Consulting
  • · Firewall Implementation
  • · User Right Chart Diagramming
  • · Bio Signature Technologies


Frequently Asked Questions

Does you service cost more

No we are rate are easy to afford and usually we save you money in the end

Do you provide outside of whats listed

Yes we service many phones systems. We provide expertise in technical and managing of IT system or all sorts

Why Should we trust Advanced Solutions

We are a company that has been around for almost 20 years and have retain clients since then.Mainly because our clients trust us

What would be your main objective for our company

to make sure you systems are effective and efficient making your goals come faster and better

What is the difference between and other IT consultants

We are a IT outsource firm we act and react like employee of your company

Do you sell PC's

No, as employee of your company. We are looking out for your best interests most online vendor can provide you with a better PC cheaper and a better warranty than we can. Which is different then a lot of consultants

Do you work with IT departments ?

We work as a part of your IT department we know you success is our success

How Do Learn More

By a phone call it cause nothing to ask call us at (916) 412 3407